Winter​/​Spring 2016 Acoustic

by Sambana

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released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Sambana Winnipeg, Manitoba

you've caught me in talking my heart out.

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Track Name: Negative Interlude
I keep focusing on what is lacking
At this rate I'll never have anything
Why does this always end up happening?

What's new for a second is already old
I'm waiting for the next one
I can't remain with anything
My brain is bored I'm fucking done
Track Name: Resistant Force
My love is conditional
This is typical
Relationships are difficult
I really don't know how to say

Barely anything
Never mind the truth
This is not something I wanna get used to
I really only wanna talk

We're all here
Not just me and you
Love's not exclusive so why should I choose?
This has proven very hard to do

So many tries
But it will never do
I keep thinking it won't work so it won't work
Must change this, oh

People move
People come and go
(How can they leave without a signal?)

But I'm here
And that is eternal

Trusting my instincts
Is hard
When I was taught to not
Track Name: 4 Litres
In the back of Graham's sedan
About to be with best of friends
Soon to be in a sleeping bag, in a tent,
In the forest, screaming

Went to the store to get some water
Came back, in my hands: 4 litres
Plans to go to the beach again
We started walking

4 litres of water
It's a lot but helping no longer
I was walking behind you
And just couldn't keep it in

You made me feel so vulnerable
I just wanted you to know
I was open to you
Track Name: Kahla
You make me so happy
I'm not sure of the reason
But the reason does not matter
You make me so happy

It's like you are my big sister
So nurturing to my needs
So simply when you speak to me
And you don't even know

Oh, Kahla, with an "h"
Despite your age
I want to make love to you everyday
I want to make love to you everyday

And soon I'll find what I need to say "hi"
Track Name: Physicality
I'm holding on
Let it go

is found
the hill

meet you
is all i can say

Words are useless